Mature Drivers

At what age am I classed as an older driver?

From age 75, you'll be classed as an older driver.

How do I renew my driver's licence?

The rules have recently changed. An on-road driving test is no longer a mandatory request. However, at age 75, 80 and every two years after, you'll need to obtain a medical certificate for your driver's licence. This certificate is completed by your General Medical Practitioner. This certificate confirms you are fit to drive.

Why do I have to be assessed from age 75 onwards?

As we age, we're more prone to unpredictable health and cognitive changes. These may affect our ability to drive safely. It's important these life changes are monitored - for both driver and on-road safety.

What does the medical assessment involve?

Your GP will discuss your present state of health. Any conditions which may affect your driving will be considered. And your eyesight will be tested.

How long does it take and who pays?

The appointment length may vary. However, anticipate up to half an hour. The appointment is at the driver's own expense.

Can my GP impose personal driving conditions?

Yes. A conditional driver's licence may be authorised. This licence could include conditions such as:

Wearing corrective lenses while driving Driving at certain times of the day Distance restriction Whatever the condition may be, it will be put in place to ensure your personal safety.

What if my GP is concerned about my ability to drive?

Your GP may refer you to a specialist for assessment. For example, you may have an occupational therapist driving assessment with a gerontologist or optometrist. These results allow your FP to correctly complete the Medical Certificate for driver licence form.

If your GP is concerned about your driving ability, they may refer you for an On-Road Safety Test.

Your GP may decide you aren't currently medically fit to drive. You can contest this decision. Should your health improve, you can return for a re-assessment.

More information

Visit the Land Transport New Zealand website for factsheets on the 'Medical Aspects of Fitness to Drive'