Defensive Driving Courses

By developing the skills needed to steer clear of a car accident, you'll be able to move from your restricted to a full driving licence six months sooner (or three months if you're aged over 25 years).

During your certified New Zealand Defensive Driving Course (DDC), we'll teach you three key driving skills:

You'll learn about significant factors leading to car crashes. These include:

In total, it takes just nine hours to complete the course over five separate training sessions. Four of these are theory-based (and include the interactive practice CD-Rom) and the fifth is an in-car practical session which will test your skills in a fashion similar to a full licence test.

If you're on a restricted licence, the in-car practical session will be like a practice run. It'll also give you a chance to ask questions about the real test.

The in-car session is split into two parts:

We'll drive in 'everyday' situations to test your skills
You'll be asked to 'commentary' drive, identify hazards and respond appropriately
Remember, this session must be completed within 60 days of your final in-class session. You'll need to bring your driver licence and car. You'll also need your completed Defensive Driving workbook. The session will be conducted by an approved trainer.

This defensive driving course isn't just for new drivers. No matter your age, you'll learn real skills that could make a life or death difference on the road.

Eligibility for a DDC course

To start the course, you'll need to hold either:

A restricted licence (if you are under 25 you must have held this for at least 6 months)
A full licence

Please contact us for upcoming courses and prices