Learner Licence Preparation

Ensure you get your Learner licence the first time, Book now in one of our Learner Licence courses which include informal discussions and a chance to try out the real tests so you know for sure before you spend your money on the real test.

For further assistance check out the following links to online tests and study guides.

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Restricted Licence Preparation - Practical driving lessons

Lessons are one hour long, and include free pickup and drop off. It is recommended that you aim for two or more lessons per week. The closer you keep your lessons the quicker your confidence builds, which means fewer lessons are required.

Each lesson covers new topics in different locations so you are exposed to as many experiences and varied conditions as possible. The lessons are structured in a logical progression, so that each lesson builds on the skills taught and learned in the previous lessons.

Lesson notes and handouts that support the topics covered in each lesson are included. Topics that will be covered include

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Full Licence Test Preparation

Try our practical session where the instructor will show you through what is to be expected for the Full Licence Test. We find that two one-hour training sessions are usually sufficient.

The instructor will coach you through commentary driving to a proficient standard, and if required tidy up your driving and advise you of any poor habits you may have developed.

There are three parts to the full licence test. All three areas of the test will be covered and the instructor will discuss the sorts of questions the testing officer may ask.

Our goal is to ensure that you become a safe driver for your future, not just a licensed driver.

Please have a look at the NZTA test guide on the full licence test. This will give you in-depth information on the full licence test.

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Refresher Driver Training

After a 30-minute driving assessment, we'll have a good idea of your driving ability. This isn't a test - it's just our way of evaluating how we can help. We'll focus on those areas that require development and make a plan from there.

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Overseas Licensed Drivers

You may have to undergo a practical test when converting to a full New Zealand driver's licence. Our driving instructors will guide you through our unique rules and driving conditions. This will ensure you have the ability and knowledge to achieve New Zealand licensing.

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